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The future of ng-annotate · Issue #245 · olov/ng-annotate · GitHub

  • An unimportant but still nice side effect would be that ng-annotate becomes even faster.
  • I will ship a vastly simplified ng-annotate 2.0, supporting explicit “ngInject” matching only.
  • I have maintained ng-annotate for almost three years now and I think it’s now time for me to either pass the maintainer bit forward or to declare ng-annotate feature complete, disabling implicit matching.
  • I’ve consistently said no to adding ES2015+ support for this reason, and there are lingering pull requests and issues (mostly feature requests).
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@olov: “The future of ng-annotate

It’s time to simplify and say “done” or pass it on to another maintainer.


ng-annotate – Add, remove and rebuild AngularJS dependency injection annotations

The future of ng-annotate · Issue #245 · olov/ng-annotate · GitHub