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TypeScript for Angular 2 – Part 4 (Classes and Interfaces)

  • TypeScript allows us not only to define class but also to control the access to the property of the class that we defined.
  • Protected: When the properties and methods are declared as protected , they can be accessed from inside the class or any other class extending the one that owns the property or the method.
  • args: number[]): number; } interface MixPointer extends AddPoint, SubPoint { multiply(arg1: number, …

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@wiwer77: “#TypeScript for #AngularJS 2 – Part 4 (Classes and Interfaces)”

After we learnt enough of TypeScript static typing, we cannot leave class and interface behind, which is the most fundamental components in OO paradigm. We have already

TypeScript for Angular 2 – Part 4 (Classes and Interfaces)

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