Socket Programming in AngularJS 2

  • So far, you can see that I have highlighted what socket programming is and what it is not, and how to use the socket programming in AngularJS 2.
  • We can conclude that socket programming allows the communication between several networks through the common API methods, such as, Sockets() , Bind() , Listen() , etc.
  • Socket programming is used to enable the communication between the networks and allow dealing with low levels of networking.
  • Socket programming is used to make the sockets at the end of the client and the server and enable the communication between different networks (let’s say a client and a server).
  • I have first declared the “socket” variable, and then I have connected it to the localhost server where the server side is running.

Socket Programming in AngularJS 2 chat application with and RxJS – DiscoverSDK Blog

@DiscoverSDKs: @ugu5ma Thanks for sharing! Here’s another pretty useful on on Socket Programming

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Socket Programming in AngularJS 2

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