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Understanding Angular’s $scope and $rootScope event system $emit, $broadcast and $on @toddmotto

  • $emit ( ‘myCustomEvent’ , ‘Data to send’ ); // firing an event downwards $scope .
  • The Angular event system is brilliant, it makes things flawless and easy to do (as you’d expect!
  • For those who are new to Angular and haven’t used or seen $emit , $broadcast or $on , let’s clarify what they do before we look at $scope and $rootScope event and scope relationships and how to utilise the event system correctly – as well as understand what’s really going on.

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Angular’s $emit, $broadcast and $on fall under the common “publish/subscribe” design pattern, or can do, in which you’d publish an event and subscribe/unsubs…

Understanding Angular’s $scope and $rootScope event system $emit, $broadcast and $on @toddmotto

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