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Home of the Microsoft ASP.NET development community. Download Visual Studio, post to the forums, read ASP.NET blogs and learn about ASP.NET.

ASP.NET is an open source web framework for building modern web apps and services with .NET. ASP.NET creates websites based on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript that are simple, fast, and can scale to millions of users.

Start learning ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core for free with videos, interactive tutorials, code samples and more.

The ASP.NET team is proud to announce general availability of ASP.NET Core 2.0. This release features compatibility with .NET Core 2.0, tooling support in Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3, and the new Razor Pages user-interface design paradigm.

Andrew Hall walks through how to get up and running with Azure Active Directory B2C in a new ASP.NET Core app.

Maher Jendoubi creates a Docker image with an ASP.NET Core 2.0 application and runs the application on any Docker host.

Damian Edwards provides an introduction to ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in this talk from NDC Sydney.

Chris Ross announces WsFederation preview support for ASP.NET Core 2.0.0.

Dominick Baier covers the updates made for Version 2.0 of IdentityServer4, including the necessary updates for ASP.NET Core 2.0 and some brand new features.

Glenn Condron announces an alpha 2 release of SignalR for ASP.NET Core 2.0.

Ody Mbegbu shares dozen of videos he created on developing with ASP.NET.

The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site