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  • The Frontend Services Layer – – A set of Angular services that allow to interact with the backend and that can be injected into Angular controllers: – – – – []) – .
  • then(function (response) { – if (response.status == 200) { – } – else { – deferred.reject(‘Error retrieving user info’); – } – }); – – return deferred.promise; – } – – – – – Let’s see what other libraries we need to have the frontend up and running.
  • An internationalization module – – – – How to build a REST API backend using Spring MVC – – The backend is built using the usual backend layers: – – – – Router Layer: defines which service entry points correspond to a given HTTP URL, and how parameters are to…
  • Comparing the Spring / MVC Angular stack with other common approaches – – This approach of using Javascript for the frontend and Java for the backend makes for a simplified and productive development workflow.
  • The largest productivity gain is obtained when the same developers build both the Javascript frontend and the Java backend, because often simultaneous changes on both are needed for most features.

The Controller Layer

The controller layer is made of Angular controllers that glue the data retrieved from the backend and the view together. The controller initializes the view model and defines how the view should react to model changes and vice-versa:

angular.module(‘loginApp’, [‘common’, ‘editableTableWidgets’])

.controller(‘LoginCtrl’, function ($scope, LoginService) {

$scope.onLogin = function () {

console.log(‘Attempting login with username ‘ + $scope.vm.username + ‘ and password ‘ + $scope.vm.password);

if ($scope.form.$invalid) {






One of the main responsibilities of the controller is to perform frontend validations. Any validations done on the frontend are for user convenience only – for example they are useful to immediately inform the user that a field is required.

Any frontend validations need to be repeated in the backend at the service layer level due to security reasons, as the frontend validations can be easily bypassed.

The Frontend Services Layer

A set of Angular services that allow to interact with the backend and that can…

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