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WebSockets with Angular2 and RxJS — Medium

  • Angular2 framework is modern framework to create rich web apps.
  • After that we are free to create new service.
  • Observer) => { ws.onmessage =; ws.onerror = obs.error.bind(obs); ws.onclose = obs.complete.bind(obs); return ws.close.bind(ws); } ); let observer = { next: (data: Object) => { if (ws.readyState === WebSocket.OPEN) { ws.send(JSON.stringify(data)); } }, }; return Rx.

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@l_wojciechowski: “Check out my take on WebSocket and Angular2 #angularjs #rxjs @angularjs”

WebSocket is a technology that allows two way communication over single TCP socket. It is designed to be used between cl…

WebSockets with Angular2 and RxJS — Medium