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Writing Unit Tests in Angular 2

  • We won’t be writing end-to-end tests, but unit tests, although we will be using Angular Testing utilities .
  • The testing of the smallest parts of the application through unit testing may seem strange to new developers.
  • In AngularJS 2, testing is provided in two ways: unit testing and end-to-end testing .
  • /sample.component.css’] }) export class SampleComponent implements OnInit { title = ‘Test Sample Component’; constructor() { } ngOnInit() { } }
  • You also get ” karma.conf.js ” and ” protractor.conf.js ” which are the configuration files for Karma and Protractor tests (we will see later on it).

Writing Unit Tests in AngularJS 2 – Using Jasmine and Karma – DiscoverSDK Blog

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Writing Unit Tests in Angular 2

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